Customized Furnaces

Our customised solutions include products designed to meet specific customer requirements as well as adaptations of a standard model to make it a little larger or smaller or to add more features. The price of our custom service is Amazing! You can see the custom case

max.temp. up to 2200℃
  • High Pressure Tube Furnace

    High Pressure Tube Furnace
    • Heating temperature up to max. 900°C or 1100°C, Depends on tube alloy.
    • Nickel-base super alloy processing tube is included.
  • Multi-position Tube Furnace

    Multi-position Tube Furnace
    • Quartz tube x1 piece for 1200°C furnace
    • Vacuum flanges and Mechanical vacuum gauge x 1 piece
  • Multi-zones Tube Furnace

    Multi-zones Tube Furnace
    • 1200°C, 1400°C or 1600°C maximum operating temperature
    • Double zones/three zones/Five zones/six zones/seven zones