Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Porcelain furnace is used for firing ceramic materials of teeth.
Can be customized according to your needs.

It is a dental vacuum porcelain furnacewith porcelain furnace vacuum pump.Based on the above information,you can choose the temperature and other parameter information you need. According to the dental vacuum porcelain furnace image and the table parameters in detail, and then contact us to get the price you expect.

Standard Features

  • Max.temp. Up To 1200℃
  • Temperature automatic adjusting, high real temperature control accuracy
  • Chamber materials apply high grade alumina ceramic fiber, long service life
  • Heating element apply coils with quartz spirals to keep working chamber clean
  • Real color touch screen, 99 programs can be set freely for convenient operating

Accessories (specify these at time of order)

    Standard Accessories
  • Vacuum pump | Vacuum pipe | Power cable and spare O ring | Protective gloves | Crucible Clip | Allen wrench | Tray | Instruction |

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