CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Furnace With Gas Channels & Vacuum Pump

Compact CVD is widely used for CVD experiment under reaction temperature 800-1600℃, vacuum sintering experiment,vacuum protective atmosphere sintering experiment,nanomaterial preparation,battery preparation,etc. CVD furnace is an ideal and affordable tool to deposit thin films or grow nanowire from a gas state (vapor) to a solid state.
Can be customized according to your needs.

It is a tube furnace with quartz tube or alumina tube, vacuum pump and flow meters gas flowing system. It can mix different types of gases for CVD or diffusion.

Based on the above information,you can choose according to the CVD Furnace with gas channels & vacuum pump image and the table parameters in detail, and then contact us to get the price you expect.

Standard Features

  • 1200°C, 1400°C or 1600°C maximum operating temperature;
  • Hot zone length, single zone 300 or 440 mm ;
  • PID automatic control;
  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters up to 100 mm;
  • Horizontal configuration;
  • Compact structure low power consumption;
  • Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower temperature in outside case.

Accessories (specify these at time of order)

    Standard Accessories:
  • Quartz tube x1 piece for 1200c tube furnace | Alumina tube x 1piece for 1400c and 1600c tube furnace | Vacuum flanges and Mechanical vacuum gauge x 1 set | Tube Blocks x 2 pieces | Furnace handle hook x 1 piece | Protective gloves x 1 pair | O rings x 4 pieces | Allen key x 1 piece
  • Optional:
  • Sliding function for tube furnace
  • Multi hot zones for furnace
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Touch Screen
  • Float Flowmeter / Mass Flowmeter
  • Different vacuum pump System

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