High Pressure Tube Furnace

High-pressure split tube furnaces can be chosen from two kinds of alloy tube, e.g. Stainless steel 310S refractory alloy or Ni-based super alloy, which offer a solution of heating treatment under high positive pressure with/without inert gas support to process special compound material.

High-pressure split tube furnaces can be heated up to max. 900°C or 1100°C with the optional vessel. The operating positive pressure is from 105 to 800 psi according to different heating temperature.

Standard Features

  • Heating temperature up to max. 900°C or 1100°C, Depends on tube alloy.
  • Nickel-base super alloy processing tube is included.
  • Max pressure up to 800 PSI.depended on tube alloy.
  • Double layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.
  • High purity fibrous alumina insulation for Max. energy saving.
  • PID automatic control with 30 steps programmable. Automatic over-temperature and thermal broken protection.
  • One set of high positive pressure flange.
  • The pressure sensor is installed in the flange. The pressure will be displayed in the pressure controller in the front panel of furnace. The alarm system is built in the pressure controller which allow user to set up the high and low limit point of pressure. When the measuring pressure exceed limit point, the alarm strobe and whistle will be activated for warning.
  • The furnace is able to be controlled by a computer. And the software and USB cable are included.

Accessories (specify these at time of order)

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