Rotary Tube Furnace

Rotary tube furnace is mainly used for battery materials, powder material drying, vacuum sintering, protective atmosphere sintering, etc.

Rotary tube furnace is a single zone 360-degree rotary tube furnace with rocking drive mechanism. It is designed for calcining inorganic compound with better uniformity. Such a unique motion pattern is also great for developing a conductive or protective coating on Li-Ion battery cathode/anode powder  in R&D Laboratory, such as LiFePO3, LiMnNiO3, etc.

Standard Features

  • 1200°C, 1400°C or 1600°C maximum operating temperature.
  • Hot zone length, single zone 300 or 440 mm.
  • PID automatic control.
  • Rotating and Tilting function.
  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters up to 100 mm.
  • Compact structure low power consumption.
  • Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower temperature in outside case.

Accessories (specify these at time of order)

    Standard Accessories
  • Quartz tube x1 piece for 1200°C furnace
  • Alumina tube x 1 piece for 1400°C and 1600°C furnace
  • Vacuum flanges and Mechanical vacuum gauge x 1 set
  • Furnace handle hook x 1 piece
  • Protective gloves x 1 pair
  • O rings x 4 pieces
  • Allen key x 1 piece
  • Optional
  • Multi hot zones for furnace
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Touch Screen
  • Float Flowmeter

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