Resistance Tube Furnace

The resistance tube furnace is used for chemical analysis, physical identification and heating of the laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units.
1, 1000 and 1200 degrees of temperature is made of high aluminium furnace tube
Vertical resistance tube furnace, vertical tube type resistance furnace wire, furnace tube placed horizontally, furnace temperature uniformity. 2, 1300 C tube type furnace heating element for silicon carbide, furnace tube has both horizontal and vertical placement.
3, 1300 C silicon carbon tube furnace, the furnace tube is a heating element, heating speed, temperature uniformity ,
4, the temperature control system in two ways, the controller uses the Kejia intelligent temperature controller module with high control precision, overtemperature protection function, the controller uses a Kejia type temperature control instrument has simple operation, accurate temperature control.

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