1600℃ Vacuum Furnace Shipment

This is a high temperature vacuum furnace of 1600℃ .It is customized for our Brazilian customer.

1600℃ vacuum furnace shipment. Brazilian customer orders, mainly used for vacuum sintering of silicon carbide and ceramics . Our vacuum furnace heat treatment of metallic materials are widely used in low vacuum , reducing heat treatment under protective atmosphere it can also be used for special material , such as carbon products of the carbonization process. Alumina refractory fiber or metal insulation , thermal insulation effect is good ; outside enclosed vacuum and filling with water cooling system ; the whole novel structure, convenient operation .

1600℃ Vacuum Furnace Shipment-1

1600℃ Vacuum Furnace Shipment-2

1600℃ Vacuum Furnace Shipment-3

1600℃ Vacuum Furnace Shipment-4

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