1400 ℃ Atmosphere Box Furnace Shipments

This is the customized 1400 degrees atmosphere box furnace for our customer.

This is the photo of 1400 degrees atmosphere box furnace shipments, the chamber dimensions 250x250x300mm. Our furnace of atmosphere box is imported with insulation materials - high-purity polycrystalline alumina fiber, uses double platinum and rhodium thermocouple to control the temperature and uses artificial intelligence AL 518P regulator temperature controller automatic to control temperature.The furnace can be operated under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen, argon, etc., the equipment is mainly for universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do high-temperature sintering atmosphere experiment, reducing atmosphere experiment and so on.

1400 degrees atmosphere box furnace-1

1400 degrees atmosphere box furnace-2

1400 degrees atmosphere box furnace-3

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