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A company in Beijing customized two box-type high-temperature furnaces
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     A technology company in Beijing has signed a purchase and sale contract with us for two box-type high-temperature furnaces. Now two box-type electric furnaces have been shipped. The maximum operating temperatures of the two high-temperature box-type furnaces are 1200℃ and 1400℃ respectively.

   The box-type resistance furnace is customized by our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace according to the specific technical requirements of customers. In addition, we have made a promise to customers about the warranty issue: the whole machine is guaranteed for one year.
Resistance box furnace
    If there is a problem, we will communicate by telephone first. If the telephone communication cannot be solved, we will send a technician to visit and repair, but the heating element and man-made damage are not covered by the warranty. Within the range.

   The customer's special requirement is: plus a thermocouple for temperature measurement and a temperature display meter.
   In addition, each box furnace is also delivered with: 1 door plug, 1 crucible tongs, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 2 thermocouples, 1 pad, 1 copy of manual and 1 certificate of conformity.

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