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A Swedish company purchased our box furnace has been shipped
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   The 1200°C box furnace purchased by a Swedish company has been shipped and put into use. The experimental equipment belongs to a rapid heating box furnace, with a rated temperature of 1100°C and a maximum working temperature of 1200°C. This high-temperature box furnace uses molybdenum-doped alloy resistance wire as the heating element, with full radiant heating components embedded on both sides and the top; it uses strong low thermal insulation materials and hard, dust-free, ceramic furnace bottom.

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       In addition, this box-type high-temperature furnace has the following four advantages:
1. Polycrystalline fiber furnace, energy saving and corrosion resistant
2. Double-layer inner furnace shell, equipped with air cooling system, rapid temperature rise and fall
3. Built-in alloy heating wire, fast heating, long life
4. Microcomputer PID controller, easy to operate

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