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What's the alarm in advance when the box furnace is heating
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      Recently, some of our customers reported that when the box furnace was heating, it started to alarm when the set temperature was not reached. Our engineers took corresponding measures to solve this problem. Please follow the steps below to check the cause of the problem.
box furnace
    First, we should first look at the temperature control meter. Here, its setting value must be zero. Only zero is normal.

    Second, check whether the setting value is set by mistake. That is to say, look at the SV data on the box furnace.

    Third, check the set upper limit alarm data to see how much it is. In general, the alarm data slightly exceeds our set temperature, that is, after the correct digital temperature of the box type electric furnace plus the upper limit temperature, the total temperature slightly exceeds our set temperature.

    Generally speaking, we can start from two points, the first is to check the probe, i.e. thermocouple; the second is to check whether the temperature controller of the box type electric furnace works normally. According to the above method, if the problem still hasn't been solved, please call us for consultation. We will send engineers to solve all kinds of problems for you.

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