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Basic knowledge and maintenance of box furnace
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       The manufacturer of Kejia box furnace shares the information about the heating furnace with you: according to the different heating elements, different temperatures and controllers used for the box furnace are classified as follows:
     According to the heating elements: wire box furnace, box furnace silicon carbide, silicon molybdenum rod box furnace;

     According to the use temperature, it is generally divided into the following box furnace of 1000 degrees, box furnace of 1100 degrees to 1300 degrees (box furnace silicon carbide), more than 1600 silicon molybdenum rod with box furnace.

     According to the controller can be divided into the following categories: PID controller control box furnace (SCR digital temperature controller), program-controlled box furnace (computer temperature control box);

     According to the heat preservation materials: two kinds of ordinary refractory brick box furnace and ceramic fiber box furnace.

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